My Work

Never underestimate the power of words to change the way people think and feel. That's why I'm proud to write compelling messages and unforgettable stories for big brands, growing businesses, and captivating publications.

Cathay Bank | Annual Report

Working with an agency design partner and the marketing team at Cathay Bank, I wrote all of the copy for the 2020 annual report, including the letter to stockholders. Together we also developed a theme for the report, which focused on embracing the many changes that took place during the year of the pandemic.

HSB | Brochure

When HSB partnered with Whisker Labs to offer the Ting monitoring service, they needed marketing materials to explain the program to their client company partners. I worked with the in-house creative team to write this brochure outlining Ting's primary features as well as what it means to partner with HSB.

Rebuilding Together Peninsula | Website

Rebuilding Together Peninsula, which is part of the national Rebuilding Together organization, repairs the homes of families, seniors, people with disabilities, and victims of disaster as part of their mission to revitalize communities and rebuild lives in the Bay Area. Working with an agency design partner, I wrote the copy for their new website.

Nationwide | Case Studies

For nearly a year, I worked with the in-house creative team at Nationwide to provide the research and copywriting for 14 client- and advisor-facing marketing pieces focused on the changing dynamics of the modern family. The pieces included a white paper, numerous case studies and infographics, and several one-page guides. The three case studies in this piece highlight the financial strain of divorce over 50 and its potential impact on retirement.

Nationwide | Infographic

This infographic provides an introduction to the financial challenges facing today's extended and blended families, from supporting aging parents and other family members to the financial challenges associated with a blended union. With extended and blended families on the rise, this creates new challenges associated with retirement planning.

Nationwide | Case Studies

From supporting a loved one to raising and providing for stepchildren, this piece focuses on the challenges of blended and extended families and how these challenges could affect their plans for retirement. Each study addresses a specific scenario, from inheritance conflicts to transitioning a child to adulthood, and provides key takeaways, statistics, and suggestions for what to discuss with a financial professional.

Berkeley City College | Viewbook

Some projects are just plain fun. And this is one of them. I owe a big thanks to Michael Patrick Partners for bringing me in to write the copy for this viewbook. From interviewing the students and researching the statistics to writing creative and informative copy for each of the program areas, this was a standout copywriting project with plenty of creative freedom.

HSB Cyber Protection | Brochure

I worked with the creative team at Hartford Steam Boiler (HSB) to create this marketing brochure informing agents about the newest features of their consumer cyber security coverage. HSB has been a market leader in cyber protection for more than 15 years so this piece was an update to their previous materials.

Mount Carmel Foundation | 2021 Annual Report

For the third year in a row, I wrote the articles for the Foundation's annual report. This year's primary feature required interviews with William Hubbard and Sean Lansing, the individuals spearheading Mount Carmel's Colleague Care program, to talk about the incredible work they are doing to support associates throughout the pandemic.

Mount Carmel Foundation | 2020 Annual Report

For the second year in a row, I wrote copy for the Mount Carmel Foundation annual report. This article features Dr. Kathleen Williamson, who was recently appointed president and academic dean of the Mount Carmel College of Nursing. In the interview, we talked about her background and her passion for nursing as well as her vision for the college moving forward.

Mount Carmel Foundation | 2019 Annual Report

It was a privilege to work with the Mount Carmel Foundation to write the stories and copy for their 2019 annual report. In addition to interviewing and writing about two rock star cardiologists, Dr. Laura Gravelin and Dr. Amrita Karve, I also spent time with Art Malo, a Mount Carmel East heart patient who shared his personal healthcare experience.

Dr. Richard Smith | Website

Dr. Richard Smith is a well-known author and an expert on risk management, behavioral finance, and fintech whose time-tested philosophies help level the playing field for individual investors. I worked with an agency design partner to write the copy for Dr. Smith's new website, which was created to promote his upcoming book, his weekly newsletter and podcast, and his brand.

Raymond James | Article

WorthWhile Magazine is a publication for sophisticated Raymond James clients. It provides another opportunity for me to combine my background in the financial services industry with my career as a writer. For this issue, I wrote an article about the challenges retirees face when it's time to spend down their hard-earned retirement savings.

Nationwide | Magazine

I was privileged to work with a talented team of Nationwide writers and designers to create this award-winning magazine about women and investing. In addition to my article about leaving a legacy that begins on page 9 and my contributions to the life stages article that starts on page 26, I was able to share my own business story in From My Perspective, a personal essay on page 33.

Nationwide | Brochure

Nationwide needed a quick, client-facing guide to understanding fixed indexed annuities. Like most financial services copywriting projects, it required breaking down and simplifying some complex concepts. I worked closely with the designer on the project, and together we created a brochure that addresses the key benefits and characteristics of fixed indexed annuities.

Raymond James | Newsletter

Raymond James publishes timely investment and financial planning topics in its Successful Women quarterly newsletter. For this issue, I wrote three articles about a variety of topics, from the benefits of mentoring to the six traits that successful people have in common to empty nesters who suddenly have additional resources when their children leave home.

Columbus State Community College | Web Page

Like so many organizations in 2021, Columbus State Community College needed to update its employment page to attract talent. I created a basic overview of the culture, employee benefits, opportunities to engage, a few words about the college and the Columbus community, and finally, some current points of pride.

Carrbridge Management | Website

This was a newly formed organization, but with the expertise of long-time players in the industry. The challenge was to create a site that reflected this. After several interviews, we landed on a story that emphasized the comprehensive investment advisory and financial analysis services they offer to the asset-based finance, container, and rail transportation industry.

Capital University | Article

Capital University was recently accepted into the Institute of Teaching and Learning for Campus-wide Interfaith Excellence, an organization that helps college and university leaders transform their campuses into model environments for interfaith cooperation. Through a series of in-depth interviews, this article talks about what that means for students and faculty at Capital.

Nationwide | Blog

In 2019, Nationwide launched Nimbl by Nationwide, a free mobile app that helps users design a personal plan to get out and stay out of debt. I worked with the in-house creative team to write a series of blog posts that will help educate users. I also wrote several emails to introduce the app to Nationwide advisors.

Raymond James | Newsletter

In this issue, I wrote the articles for the Successful Women quarterly newsletter. The topics included tips for your next speaking gig, how to create a workspace that energizes, and resources and tips for women who are adopting online learning as a way to return to school from the comforts of home.

Ohio Contractors Association | Article

I had a blast researching and writing these two articles about hyperloop development in the Midwest. The people at MORPC (Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission), Virgin Hyperloop One, the Northeast Ohio Areawide Coordinating Agency, and Hyperloop Transportation Technologies are understandably excited about what lies ahead.

Manta | E-book

The Beginner's Guide to Social Media was the second e-book I wrote for Manta. The 31-page guide was designed for small business owners who need help marketing their business. The biggest challenge was identifying and highlighting the most relevant information despite the many sub-topics that needed to be addressed.

American College of Cardiology | Case Study

The American College of Cardiology asked me to write a series of case studies about the work they do with chest pain center accreditation. To complete each case study, I conducted interviews with healthcare professionals at the featured hospital and also with the ACC accreditation review specialist. The studies are broken down into three sections (challenge, solution and results) for clarity and to showcase the benefits.

Nationwide | Brochure

Social security can be a daunting topic for pre-retirees and retirees. This brochure breaks down and simplifies the key points so people can plan for retirement and make the best decisions based on their situation. This project is a great example of what it takes to transform a complex topic into a message that is easy to read and understandable, both from a writing and a design perspective.

OSU Fisher College of Business | Brochures

While working with an agency partner, I wrote overview brochures for two graduate-level programs at The Ohio State University Fisher College of Business. The process involved interviewing professors and program leaders to gather information about the course of study. At the same time, I worked closely with the college's marketing professionals to ensure proper messaging and branding.

Edward Jones | Website Copy

As a financial services copywriter, I get to combine my previous life working in the financial services industry with my current career as a writer. When the marketing team at Edward Jones needed to bolster their content for small business owners, I jumped in to help write some of the copy. The content on this particular page is focused on succession and estate planning.

Cleveland Clinic | Patient Stories

The Cleveland Clinic has so many positive patient stories to tell. I was honored and privileged to help communicate these experiences to the rest of the world. After interviewing patients and their physicians, I wrote about what is often a life-changing health event for the patient. Together these stories showcase the outstanding work that takes place at the Cleveland Clinic, from neurology to mental health to pediatrics and more.

Flying Horse Farms | Newsletter

Flying Horse Farms provides magical, transformative camp experiences for children with serious illnesses—free of charge. Located in the rolling hills of Mt. Gilead, Ohio, and part of the SeriousFun Children's Network started by actor and philanthropist Paul Newman, the organization is a dream-come-true for many children and their families. The Red Barn Report is the organization's quarterly newsletter, and it delivers a positive, upbeat message of hope.

Capital University | Website

When Capital University took on the voluminous task of launching a new website, they turned to me to write content for the Conservatory of Music and many of the other program areas. I interviewed numerous professors as well as current and past students to gather the information for program overviews, faculty bios and student success stories. The voice and tone of the website needed to appeal to current and prospective students and their parents.

United Way | Flyers and Profiles

During the annual Live United campaign, United Way of Central Ohio wanted to feature the stories of some of its volunteers as well as individuals who benefit from various United Way programs. To complete the project, I interviewed people of all ages and backgrounds from various walks of life. I then transformed that information into short profiles about each individual and how he or she lives united. The stories were used in a variety of deliverables throughout the campaign.

Flying Horse Farms | Brochure

To those who know it, it's just camp—the best place on Earth. But for those who don't, this overview brochure seeks to explain why Flying Horse Farms is so deserving of that title. The brochure covers the history and inspiration behind the camp, as well as a close-up look at camp life. From kissing a fish and dancing in the dining hall to zip-lining over the lake and making forever friends, camp changes everything for children with serious illnesses. The brochure ends with a call to action to give, volunteer, or visit.

Raymond James | Magazine

WorthWhile magazine is a quarterly publication “of thoughtful insight dedicated to the life well planned.” I wrote two pieces for the fall 2018 issue. The first, on page 22, is a heavily researched article about the evolution of how we listen to music, from 1877 to the present. The second piece, on page 30, is a review of Ashlee Vance’s book, Elon Musk, which is jam-packed with captivating anecdotes about the famous entrepreneur and CEO.

Danbert Construction | Website

While working with an agency partner, I had the privilege of working with the owners of Danbert Construction to develop a theme and messaging for both the construction and electrical sides of their contracting business. They wanted to convey a specific message about how they do business, and I worked hard to nail that down on the home page and throughout the site.

Forbes| Article

I've been privileged to write a number of articles for Forbes. While every topic is fun and insightful, I especially enjoyed learning about America's ever-changing multi-generational workforce. After conducting in-depth research on the topic, I then talked with experts and authors in the field of workplace dynamics, leadership and generational trends.

Lipscomb University | Brochure

I worked with an agency partner to write the content for this Lipscomb University giving brochure. In addition to showcasing the many different ways to donate, the university also wanted to feature some of its donors and scholarship recipients. I conducted the interviews and wrote the stories about giving and receiving that are featured in the brochure.

Capital University | Article

I was honored to write this article about the Diversity & Inclusion Center and the popular Pizza & the Paper program at Capital University. I spent the better part of an afternoon visiting with the students and listening to their stories. The Center is a bold commitment to building a model inclusive community.

Raymond James | Article

WorthWhile Magazine is a publication for sophisticated investors. With that in mind, this piece, Retirement Questions Your Kids Haven't Asked But Should (Become the Expert They Need), addresses questions related to the most common retirement plans while providing a more in-depth overview of each one.

A Kid Again | Emails

A Kid Again is a nonprofit organization that offers support and adventures for families caring for a child with a life-threatening illness. During the COVID-19 pandemic, I worked with the creative director to write a series of emails and landing pages to increase awareness, bolster fundraising efforts, and offer much-needed support for kids and their families during this challenging time.

Ohio Magazine | Article

This article features my favorite interview of the past 20 years. Ohio Magazine asked me to interview Viktor Schreckengost, the father of industrial design, just weeks before his 100th birthday. I spent the day with Schreckengost, his wife and son-in-law, discussing his decades-long work and the plans for a yearlong celebration honoring his many contributions to industry and art.

Leugers Insurance | Website

I worked with a branding and design agency to create this website for Leugers Insurance, an independent insurance agency based in Ohio. My design partner was the driving force behind the site, and together we created a smart, easy-to-navigate website featuring the company, its products and services, team members and locations.

Raymond James | Article

How has charitable giving changed over the years, and how does giving differ among the generations? This article for WorthWhile Magazine required a heavy dose of research on a fascinating subject. In the end, it was designed to help individuals identify their giving style and work with their advisor to develop a plan that reflects their values.

WebPresented | Website

When the owner of WebPresented approached me about writing the content for his company website, he knew exactly what he wanted, but he was too busy running the business to take on the added task. That's when I came on board. The end result was such a success that he called me a year later to write copy for another site featuring his custom software. A few years after that, he contacted me once again -- this time to write the copy for a newer version of the original website, which you see here.

Woman's Day | Article

Years ago I cut my teeth on feature writing for women's magazines and parenting magazines. This topic is one that just about everyone can relate to—including me. With that in mind, I dove headfirst into the research. Learning more about the topic is often the best part of writing a magazine article—second only to seeing the completed article in print.

Manta | E-book

Manta, one of the largest online resources for small business owners, needed an e-book about local search. Although they had written numerous articles about this topic, the challenge was to research, organize and write an easy-to-follow guide for small business owners. The 37-page e-book includes simple strategies small business owners can use to boost their local search ranking.

OSU Wexner Medical Center | Blog

I wrote several healthcare articles for The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center blog, which features health news and experiences at the medical center. Here's a post that talks about things that itch, bite and sting, including Zika-carrying mosquitoes. In another post, I wrote about the perils of food poisoning and how to keep it from ruining your summer party.

Performanx Specialty Chemicals | Website

After meeting with the Performanx leadership team and a design partner, I wrote the website content for this Columbus-based producer of surfactants and related chemistries. The website tells the story of this world-class research and development team and their solutions-oriented approach.

Insum | Website

While working with an agency partner, I wrote the website content for Insum, a Montreal-based team of Apex experts who provide global solutions that build, extend, and modernize custom applications. To write the content, I first spoke with subject matter experts at Insum to ensure that the messaging was on point for this highly specialized IT solutions provider.

Ohio Contractors Association | Article

As the population of the U.S. becomes increasingly diverse and the demand for skilled workers continues, construction companies are beginning to alter their view of diversity and inclusion. Based on several in-depth interviews, this article examines how diversity has evolved from a simple moral imperative to a smart business strategy.

Windsor Advisory Group | Website

Writing the content for this website allowed me to combine my background in the financial services industry with my interviewing skills to create copy that resonates with readers. While the client had some specific messages that needed to be on the site – including what sets them apart from other financial advisors – they were also open to suggestions. That's a great combination for developing winning content.

American Modern Insurance Group | Blog Article

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, American Modern needed a blog article to provide its agents with tips and resources for working from home. I quickly researched and wrote a piece that featured everything from the practical aspects of a daily routine to adopting the right technology and working remotely as a team.

American Modern Insurance Group | Blog Articles

Cincinnati-based American Modern is a leading provider of specialty insurance, delivering a range of insurance products and services for the residential and recreational market. These blog posts are part of an ongoing series designed to address topics that interest both current and potential customers.